Frequently asked questions

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I have a technical problem or support issue I need resolved, who do I email?

Please contact the Webmaster


I am not able to log into Rate The Press using my Google account!

Please make sure to upgrade your Google account to Google+


Is this the final Rate The press platform or should we expect more to come?

The current form of RTP is the first phase of our project. We are currently working on designing and inplementing the second phase of this initiative.


Is there an API or developer program?

Not at this time but we are planning to roll it out as part of the second phase.

Can I advertise on RTP site?

Yes, please contact Sales.


Can I invest with RTP?

Yes, we are looking for investors. Please contact Sales.

I noticed my profile has been created on RTP and would like to take ownership of it, can I do that?

Not at this phase. We will have this functionality as part of phase 2.


Does Rate The Press review the submitted profiles?



Does Rate The Press review the submitted comments?



Can I edit a Profile after submitting it?

Yes, and the changes will have to go through our review process


Are you hiring?

Not at this time